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Let's walk through the process

You need a logo file to use in a new advert you're working on.

Of course you need the proper vector artwork not the JPG someone sent you.

Enter the name of the brand or logo you want to search for, then click Enter/Return.

BrandFM will display the search results, with a thumbnail and details for each asset found. Each asset can contain one or many files.

View the Asset you want by clicking on its' thumbnail or name

Or you can just add all the files available for the asset directly to your cart by clicking the green button and skip this step.
Note: You may have to logon to see the details of an asset. Or you can just add to your cart and login later.

Add the files you want to your cart.

Selecting a file by clicking on its' Add button or select all the files with the Add-All button .

Cart tab becomes active

Your "Cart" tab changes from "empty" to display the number of files you've selected.

Click the Cart tab to view your cart

When viewing your cart contents, you can remove unwanted files, or view the selection in a Contact-Sheet or Light-box view.

Click the Checkout button when you're ready to download.

Checkout by completing the reason for download form and clicking the Checkout button.

If you're downloading public files you'll have to accept the terms of use at checkout time. However if you're logged in,
you'll be able to simply checkout because you accepted the User License Agreement when you signed-up.
Note: The reason/purpose for download is recorderd in the file owners audit trail.

Download time.

Select individual files or All Files zipped-up to download them to your computer.
Note: If a dialgue box pops-up and asks you to Open or Save, choose the Save option
and select a location on your computer to save the files to.

That's it - you're done

You should now have the files you want on your computer. They will be saved with the filename as shown on the download page
OR if a zip file in this format: "". You'll need to unzip the zip package to access the files.